Saturday, October 16, 2010

14k Yellow Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Setting (2/5 ct tw, J, I1)

14k Yellow Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Setting (2/5 ct tw, J, I1)Setting Description
Eight well-matched princess cut diamonds line up end-to-end in a channel-set design. This diamond shape is particularly beautiful set this way, since the edges of the princess cuts line up precisely with no major gaps between the stones, just pure sparkle from one side of the setting to the other. The channel setting is perfect for everyday wear, as it holds the diamonds securely with no sharp edges. This setting has a low profile with a comfortable feel. The surface is polished to a mirror bright finish, which adds to the brilliance of the diamonds. The edges of 1.9 mm thick by 3.3 mm wide band are slightly squared off, to allow for a wedding band to fit next to it. This setting has a clean, elegant look with beautiful sparkle to complement the center diamond.

The diamonds in the setting are a minimum of J in color, I1 in clarity. Since the diamonds are in the near-colorless range, they should appear white in the setting. This color should blend well with the color of the center diamond, particularly if the center diamond has a G to J color grade. A center diamond with a D, E, or F color grade may show a slight color difference to the J color diamonds in this setting, but it should not be very noticeable to the casual observer. The I1 clarity grade means that it might be possible to see the internal inclusions in the diamonds with the unaided eye, but it is unlikely that the inclusions would be seen with the diamonds mounted in the setting. The diamonds are well cut, with proportions and polish designed to capture the light and sparkle beautifully in the setting.

This setting is made of 14 karat yellow gold, which is a popular and durable precious metal for jewelry. Yellow gold has been a classic choice for many generations of diamond rings, and 14k has a wonderful luster combined with great value. 14k gold is 58.3% pure 24 karat gold, with the remaining percentage usually being alloy metals of silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. The alloys add strength to the pure gold, which would be too soft for everyday wear on its own. 14k yellow gold is very well-suited for a ring that will be worn everyday. As a precious metal, it will naturally patina, or scratch lightly on the surface, but the original bright polished luster can be maintained through an occasional cleaning and polishing.


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